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Each week we will now be sharing some poems, editorials, short stories, etc. that our participants have written over the years.  We are very excited to introduce you to our residents and friends this way.  Our hope is that it will give you a glimpse of the joy and creativity here at Lambs Farm!


The Great Lives by Chip Spanjer
from Voices of Lambs Farm, Winter 2008

This story is about Chip Spanjer and his friend Josh Johnson.  We have been friends for eight years and we want everyone to know that.  I met Josh in 1995 when I moved to Lambs Farm.  I met Josh in Recreation.  We met before there were any QUEST classes.  QUEST classes started in 2000.  Josh is like a brother to me.  He has always been nice to me.  He’s a quiet kind of person.  We took QUEST classes together last fall on Thursday afternoons.  I wrote Josh a nice letter and reminded him to talk to staff when he gets upset.  Josh told me there’s nothing to worry about.  I think about Josh a lot when I see something that he might like.  I gave him a Madison, Wisconsin brochure from my recent trip there.  I hope he liked the big pillow dog that I gave him.  Do you think he put it on his bed?  I have a stuffed dog that sits in my rocking chair.  I’d like to meet Josh’s family soon.

**QUEST classes are offered each season for our participants to continually grow and pursue their interests. Some classes offered this past winter were Mall Walking, Arts & Crafts and Poetry**

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