Voices of Lambs Farm

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A Poem for Fall- by Poetry Class Summer ’10

 Summer is starting to fade away
As fall will bring us a brand new day

 Cool temperatures and sunny skies
Haunted houses and pumpkin pies

 Spending time outside at fairs
Even watching the Chicago Bears

 Changing colors and falling leaves
Apple cider, can I have some please?

 It’s time for sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies
Barbeque fun with all of the goodies

 Raking the leaves and sweeping the floor,
Corn on the cob, I’ll be back for more!

 Decorations and costumes dressed head to feet
Knock knock knock… Trick or Treat!

 Now this poem must come to an end,
We would like to “give thanks” to our family and friends.

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