Voices of Lambs Farm

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A Poem about Special Olympics- written by a Quest Poetry class

We get a lot of warning
To get up early in the morning
In order to do our trek best
We need to get a good breakfast

The shirts we get are blue
Which makes us look sharp too
On the bus we pack our load
And then we hit the road

At Naperville we arrive
At around nine twenty five
We get ready for the races
By putting on game faces

At noon we had our lunch
On hot dogs we did munch
We had potato chips
But there wasn’t any dip

We walked and jumped and ran
As fast as anyone can
We did shot and softball throw
And were on the go go go

Everybody tried their best
There was hardly time for rest
Some got ribbons some got medals
Which looked nice, like flower pedals

We put on sunscreen so we wouldn’t burn
Others didn’t, you’d think they’d learn
It was a nice day, not too hot
A little windy, but not a lot

They announced the winners out loud
It made us feel real proud
When they said our names we clapped
And high-fives we did slap

When it was done we headed back
Our ribbons and medals we did pack
And enjoyed the bus ride north
Thinking about the practices forth

The gold medal winners now prepare for State
They’ll need to come to practice and not be late
We’ll all be so excited for June
When everybody shoots for the Moon!

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