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In 2006, some of our participants were asked to give insight about themselves for our Voices publication.  In reading their responses we hope you get to “connect with the human spirit in us all.”


I want people to know:

Beverly H.- I am very friendly person and nice. That’s about it.
Chip S.-  Everything! I like to paint and I like to draw. I dream about flowers.
Jim B.- I like art. I want people to think about how the animals live.
Marilyn F.- I’ve been collecting Barbies for 30 years. I have a lot of Barbies! I even make Barbie clothes on my sewing machine.
Mike R.- I like all kinds of music.
Tara K.- That I did a good job on my art!

I see myself as a …

Alison W.-  Busy person, adventurous. A loveable person and friendly. And I am nice to people.
Chip S.-  Artist and helpful.
Jim B.- Artist. I feel sad sometimes, but I am happy too. I’m funny sometimes. I am happy when I am with my mom ~ she makes me funny.
Marilyn F.-  Collector.
Mike R.-  Very nice man.
Tara K.-  Being busy working on a lot of letters. I am nice. I help out with painting and clean-up.

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