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May is Williams Syndrome awareness month and one of our Participants wanted to share about her life with WS.  If you would like to read more on Williams Syndrome please click here.


My Life Story

My name is Catherine and I have Williams Syndrome.  I like to talk to families and tell them what I went through so they can help their kids get diagnosed while they are young.  I go to WS conferences and I am part of the WSA Dream Team (Williams Syndrome Association).  This year I will be going to a conference in Disneyland and I am excited to talk to families about what it is like to be an adult with Williams Syndrome.

When I talk to families I also talk to the guys my age.  They always have a lot of questions for me.  I went through a lot in high school when people told me I wasn’t able to do anything. I am much stronger now and I tell others that it is going to be ok.

People with Williams Syndrome are very friendly and love people.  I love opera, chocolate, jokes and the Vampire Diaries.   This year I got to go to an opera and I will be going to see Oklahoma at the Chicago Lyric Opera House. I also love to go to Michigan to see my family.

I think there needs to be more awareness for Williams Syndrome since it is not as familiar as Downs Syndrome or other disabilities.  I hope to start a walk to bring awareness some day.

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