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Provide Participants a chance to grow work skills

Since 1981, Lambs Industries has provided our Participants the opportunity to gain work skills and earn an income.  Seventy-three Participants currently work at Lambs Industries.  More projects are always needed to keep the work flow steady for these Participants.

Our trained work force and impeccable service have made us a leader in the field of packaging and assembly.  Personal support, dedication and commitment to quality make us a great source for business production needs.  Lambs Industries prides itself on precise workmanship and a dedication to exceptional quality.

Contracting with Lambs Industries can help businesses reduce and control operating costs and overhead, minimize inventory costs, free up internal resources, eliminate logistical problems, and move time-consuming functions out of house.

Health care companies, event organizers and bakeries are all examples of businesses we have done work for in the areas of hand assembly, collating, packing, labeling, and even laundry services.

Please keep us in mind for your current and future business needs.  For more information call Toni Rios at 847.295.2121.

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