Quest Expo 2013

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Each March, the Quest Expo highlights Lambs Farm participant’s work and skills they have achieved throughout the year in Quest classes.  This showcase day highlights artwork, interests, science projects and fine arts exhibits for everyone to see.  Overall, it is a day for the community to experience the joy of learning and creating here at Lambs Farm.

Quest classes were implemented at Lambs Farm in 2000 to enrich the participant’s lives.  The program provides opportunities for men and women to pursue their personal goals with classes available on a wide variety of topics, ranging from social and daily living skills to travel, history, arts & crafts and sports, to computers and work skills.

The Expo day provides participants the chance to show off their work from these classes and to encourage each other in their new explorations.

According to Quest Manager Brooke Mezo, “It is amazing to see people work on a talent and to perfect it.  They get to see what they are capable of.”

Participant Ann Fuller took the Arts & Crafts class this year and she enjoyed “doing a lot of different things” such as painting a ceramic letter “A” for her room.

A talent show, featuring the Talent Show class and Choir class, immediately followed the Expo as another way to display the participant’s gifts and interests.  Many sang and played instruments for the crowd, while the crowd joined in on the familiar songs.

“I love to see the participants learn how to express themselves through the Fine Arts program,” said Quest Instructor Susan Carlson.

Additionally, an entire table is devoted to the J.O.Y. program (Just Older Youth), for those who do not work.  Each week they work on projects decided on by the participants and  J.O.Y. Staff. According to the Vocational Manager Tameka Jones, “The goal behind a lot of the projects offered to the participant is to prevent the loss of their functional skills by encouraging them to paint, draw, mold items, etc.”

Betty Korts, a participant in J.O.Y. stated that her favorite project this winter was to make coasters out of beads.

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Some of the Fine Arts classes work year-long to perform a play for the public.  Soon, we will have information to share about the fall 2013 play and cast members!

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