Participant Taste Test Showdown

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A Taste Test Showdown, hosted by the Wellness Center, offered Participants the opportunity to dig deeper into this year’s theme: The Good, The Bad & The Healthy.

This activity challenged Participants knowledge and taste buds. Volunteers were tested to see if they could identify the difference between regular and diet soda and deep-fried and baked chips.

Lambs Farm’s dietitian Darlene Holop, and Wellness Manager Kreig Alm, quizzed the audience after each round. Participants held up a “good” or “bad” sign to show what they thought was the healthier choice.

Darlene and Kreig presented the topics visually to show the differences between the soda and chip contents. Participants learned that regular soda contains 12 packets of sugar and that diet soda isn’t much better for you because it’s loaded with artificial sugar and has no nutritional value.

After finding out the ingredients in both sodas, Participants realized that water is ultimately the best drink choice. “We like soda, but we don’t need it to live,” Darlene said.

Participants were surprised to learn the number of calories, fat and negative effect regular chips can have on your body. While baked chips may be less greasy and lower in calories, Darlene and Kreig informed Participants of healthier snack options that taste just as good. Their list included vegetables, popcorn, fruits, nuts and even dark chocolate.

The showdown facts can help Participants make healthier food and drink choices as they continue on their wellness path.

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