2019 • volume 1

Learn about Lambs Farm’s end the year events, the Wellness department’s success in 2018 and more…Download PDF



2018 • volume 3

Learn about Lambs Farm’s history with Special Olympics, the Mary Poppins performance and Participants’ first Kenosha Kingfish game …Download PDF


2018 • volume 2

Learn about Lambs Farm’s newest program, Special Olympic results and this year’s Participant Theater performance…Download PDF


2018 • volume 1

Learn about Lambs Farm’s 2017 Gala, Special Olympic Highlights, Shining Star winners and about our holiday season…Download PDF



2017 • volume 3

Find out the results from this year’s Fun & Fit Family Day, Libertyville Days Parade, along with what’s new on the holiday catalog….Download PDF


2017 • volume 2

All aboard the Lambs Express, the Magnolia Cafe & Bakery’s new meal delivery program! Read about our Shining Stars, Special Olympians and Wonderful Volunteers… Download PDF


2017 • volume 1

Learn about the Wellness Center’s theme for 2017: Let’s Dance! Along with what Participants have been up to and upcoming events for the year… Download PDF


2016 • volume 3

Nearly $300,000 was raised at this years Annual Benefit: Harvesting the Spirit Downtown on the Farm, YARDMAX donates outdoor power equipment to Lambs Farm and a recap of Lambs Farm Participant Theater performance of Lion King… Download PDF

LambsTales2016Vol2LAMBS TALES

2016 • volume 2

Lambs Farm Special Olympians have Hearts of Gold. Read to see who won special awards at this years annual Karen Buron Sports Banquet. Learn about a special project Northwestern Students have designed for Participants to use and see what our amazing volunteers have been up to… Download PDF


2016 • volume 1

Read about how the Wellness Center is becoming Lean and Green in 2016, the upcoming Participant Theater performance of “The Lion King,” and some new Farmyard friends who will be available for you to meet on March 25 when the Farmyard & Attractions opens for the season….Download PDF


2015 • volume 3

300 guests attended this years Annual Benefit and raised over $300,000 to support the Men & Women of Lambs Farm. Catch up on what’s been happening in the Wellness Center….Download PDF


2015 • volume 2

Read about the Tribute Garden Dedication and how title sponsor, Mr. Ed Rogan shares a connection with Lambs Farm…..Download PDF



LT2015vol1coverLAMBS TALES

2015 • volume 1

Find out about our new Wellness Center which offers comprehensive person-centered programming for all Participants that includes aspects of fitness, nutrition, physical needs, addressing conditions such as obesity, and emotional health….Download PDF

LT2014vol3coverLAMBS TALES

2014 • volume 3

Nearly 350 guests attended this year’s Annual Benefit and raised around $300,000 for Lambs Farm’s programs!  Read more about this wonderful evening, how you can be involved in the upcoming Popcorn Days and read about how Lambs Farm received Chicago Care’s Community Partner Award…Download PDF

LT2014vol2coverLAMBS TALES

2014 • volume 2

All of our businesses are constantly evolving!  Read about how new opportunities are being created for our Participants on the campus, hear about the upcoming musical and read about a Participant’s experience as a guest speaker…Download PDF

LambsTales2014Vol1coverLAMBS TALES

2014 • volume 1

Our athletes at Lambs Farm are continual sources of inspiration!  Read about the evolution of our sports teams, our new production line and a sneak peek of the 2014 Annual Benefit at Union Station…Download PDF

Lambs Tales 2013 vol 3coverLAMBS TALES

2013 • volume 3

Our Annual Benefit was a great night in downtown Chicago to share the mission and vision of Lambs Farm!  Read about the entire night’s festivities and a recap of our Participant theatre production of Grease…Download PDF

WebsitephotoLambsTales2013Vol2LAMBS TALES

2013 • volume 2

This issue shows our creative partnership with Northwestern University, displays our Participant’s hard work from the Quest Expo and gives a glimpse into our new Tribute Garden…Download PDF

LambsTalesphoto2013Vol1LAMBS TALES

2013 • volume 1

This issue showcases our Participant Theatre production of The Wizard of Oz, all of our Holiday opportunities, and highlights many of our special events…Download PDF


2012 • volume 3

This issue wraps up the fall Harvesting the Spirit event, recognizes our Special Olympics athletes and highlights upcoming event and volunteer needs…Download PDF


2012 • volume 2

This issue introduces our new Visitors Center, announces the new business names, and invites guests to join Lambs Farm at Harvest the Spirit… Download PDF


2012 • volume 1

This issue reflects on the 50th Anniversary celebrations and initiatives, Participant sports awards, volunteers and our annual gift catalog… Download PDF


2011 • volume 3

This issue reflects on the 50th Anniversary celebrations and initiatives, Participant sports awards, volunteers and our annual gift catalog… Download PDF


2011 • volume 2

This issue discusses the vocational and residential history of Lambs Farm, highlights past and upcoming special events, and identifies volunteer needs for Popcorn Days… Download PDF

Lambs Tales 2011 Vol 1


2011 • volume 1

This is the first issue with our new design.  This edition identifies the initiatives and activities for the 50th anniversary, highlights our Special Olympics champions, and gives you interesting facts about Lambs Farm… Download PDF