Annual Reports


2018 • Lives to Live

2018 Annual Report, Choices – At Lambs Farm, we offer people with developmental disabilities what they deserve – a life full of independence, meaning and productivity through choices. Choices allow individuals to meet new people, enjoy new adventures and be who they truly are … Download PDF







2017 • Lives to Live

2017 Annual Report, Lives to Live – At Lambs Farm, we see people with developmental disabilities who they truly are – individuals who deserve proper guidance, loving support and the opportunity to pursue their strengths and abilities… Download PDF






2016 • Growing Stronger

2016 Annual Report, Growing Stronger – Not a day goes by that we are not inspired and motivated by the growth in the men and women of Lambs Farm. Every person has their own story of growth, a story filled with personal achievement and a lot of enthusiasm, passion, focus and hard work… Download PDF






2015 • Building on the Dream

2015 Annual Report, Building on the Dream – This year’s Annual Report explores the opening of the new Wellness Center in 2015 which offers comprehensive, person-centered programming addressing all the building blocks to holistic health and well-being… Download PDF






2014 • A New Beginning: Take a Closer Look

2014 Annual Report, A New Beginning – This year’s Annual Report continues to explore the new journey Lambs Farm is on through profiles of our Participants who make up two diverse populations… Download PDF




Annual Report 2013 cover1


2013 • New Beginnings

2013 Annual Report, New Beginnings – This year’s Annual Report displays the new journey Lambs Farm finds itself on. One in which we are serving two diverse populations of men and women with developmental disabilities… Download PDF




2012 • Always Growing

2012 Annual Report, Always Growing – This year’s Annual Report highlights the men and women in the Advanced Photography class and the ways in which they feel they have grown since joining Lambs Farm… Download PDF




2011 • Growing the Legacy

2011 Annual Report, Growing the Legacy – This year’s Annual Report reflects the growth of Lambs Farm over the past 50 years – from a small pet shop in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast to a sprawling 72-acre campus just outside Libertyville, Illinois… Download PDF



2010 Annual Report


2010 • Reflections

2010 Annual Report, Reflections – This year’s Annual Report highlights several of Lambs Farm’s original Participants, and how their lives have changed since joining Lambs Farm… Download PDF