New Wellness Program Launched at Lambs Farm

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Wellness FlyerwebWe’re very excited to have Darlene Holop, Registered Dietitian, back with us at Lambs Farm. Darlene was the architect of what had been our full-scale Nutrition program and the founder of our Dietary department. She developed programs to teach Participants about portion control and healthier choices, and otherwise making better choices in their diets.

Unfortunately, after she left, many of those programs were not properly maintained.  So, the theme of her new plan, The Right to be Healthy,  will include the many changes necessary to return to an overall philosophy of maintaining healthy lifestyles.

The goal of the program, of course, is to provide all Participants, young and older, the tools necessary for them to enjoy healthy and active lives.

“As opposed to restrictions, we will be focusing on wellness and making choices that are both healthier and taste good,” said Darlene.  “Education will be key for staff and Participants”.

The first step will be for Residential staff to take part in a training session to understand the changes that will be made.  They will sample some of the new menu items, learn about the revised menu cycle and new recipes with family style meals and portion control.  In addition, suggestions will be made on how to assist Participants in making “better for you” choices whether on outings, out on the Rainbow Run and when visiting family and friends.

Ultimately, Darlene’s goal (and that of Lambs Farm) is for every Participant to be happy and healthy.  After all, they have a Right to Be Healthy, and we have a responsibility to show them the way.

We are continually striving to offer life-enriching programs and opportunities for all of our Participants.  Read about our Adaptive Sports Program here and our overall programs for people with developmental disabilities here.

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