New Production Line Offers Fast, Efficient Service

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We would love to help your business with your product needs!  Our new production line allows us to easily formulate your recipe, package, label and ship your product!

Long gone are the manual operations of Aunt Mary’s Country Store, where jams were cooked, bottled and labeled by hand. Now, where work stations once stood, a continuous conveyor system carries jars through vacuum, fill, metal detection, cap, date code and label stations.

This immense leap in automation is due to the generous support of the Alvin H. Baum Family Fund and several other foundations committed to helping Lambs Farm realize increased revenue by way of new, larger production opportunities.

Over time, new pieces of equipment will be added to the current set up to continue to maximize the efficiency and control all aspects of quality production. The new line also provides Participants working in this area the chance to be involved in more of each process.LambsFarmCountryStoreLogo

Presently, our Participants and staff produce an assortment of products including salad dressings, caramel and fudge sauces, dipping oils, jams, preserves, butters, hot sauce, dry mix soup and rubs.

These projects account for a significant amount of sales in the Country Store and we are always looking for growth in this area of private labeling and co-packaging.

“The great thing for and any small start-up food business is the lower run capabilities offered at Lambs. The bonus being able to help such a worthy cause,” shared customer Bob Heffernan, co-founder of, for which Lambs Farm formulates and packages dry rubs.

Working closely with each customer to ensure the highest quality end-product, Lambs Farm is eager to assist in the development of new products.

We would love to talk to any business about how we could be of use for your co-packing needs! See more about our services, or contact Amy Barry at

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