New Fine Arts Program to unleash Participants’ creativity

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The success of the Annie production last November has shown us that our men and women are full of creative talent, and are just looking for the right outlet through which to showcase it. As a result, Lambs Farm is starting a Fine Arts Program which will be overseen by Susan Carlson and Janine Neumann, the directors/choreographers of Annie. The Program will be part of Quest.

There will be a range of classes designed to bring out the artistic, musical and theatrical talents of our men and women. Carlson said they hope the Program will help showcase the Participants’ talents and provide an outlet for some of those who do not participate in other activities. Starting in April, classes will be offered every quarter and culminate in a talent show where student can demonstrate what they’ve learned. Some of the classes that will be available include basic theater, story acting, show choir, creating art to music, and more.

In addition to the quarterly classes, and as part of the Program, Carlson and Neumann will direct/choreograph one musical every year. This year’s show, to be held in November, will be The Wizard of Oz.

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