Lambs Farm Musical Theater

Lambs Farm Participant Theater Presents: Peter Pan! September 21 & 22, 2019.

September 21 – 7pm
September 22 – 1pm
400 E Illinois Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045
Saturday, September, 22 at 7 pm and Sunday, September 23 at 2 pm
Tickets are general admission – $15 for adults, $5 for kids 2-12.

Lambs Farm’s Participant Theater has started preparing for its ninth season. This year, the cast will tell the tale of J.M. Barnie’s most famous work – Peter Pan!
The story takes place in London back in 1904 with the Darling family. George and Mary Darling are disrupted by their sons, Jon and Michael as they begin acting out a story about a character named Peter Pan, told to them by their sister, Wendy. George insists that the children need to grow up.

Later that night, the children are whisked away by Peter Pan and his fairy friend Tinkerbell. They’re taken to Neverland, a place where children stay perpetually young. When the children arrive, they get caught up in trouble with Peter Pan’s nemesis Captain Hook and begin to miss their old life. As they make their way through adventures in Neverland, the Darling kids learn that it is important to have fun, but also to recognize the responsibilities in life. Peter Pan also teaches us that we can find happiness by forgetting our fears, believing in ourselves and staying positive. The men and women of Lambs Farm learn that these are great reminders to live by, especially when our days do not go according to plan.

Participants were assigned their roles in March and will continue to practice until their big debut. Tickets will go on sale this summer!



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