Local Students Give Back to the Community at Lambs Farm

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OakgroveEach year we have thousands of amazing volunteers who graciously give their time and energy here at Lambs Farm.  They help us undertake projects that we would never be able to do otherwise, and tackle projects in a matter of hours that would normally take us weeks, if not months, to finish on our own!

Among these great volunteer groups are some young students who wished to be engaged in our campus projects as well! Oak Grove School, located just around the corner from us, has been bringing volunteer groups for over 10 years.  What an inspiration they are to the rest of the community!

They began coming after 9/11 when President Bush declared September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance (Patriot Day).   “We chose Lambs Farm because it was in our community and we wanted the students to understand that they could make a difference in the world,” said Kathy Zurawski.

Their service even extends into the holiday season as they purchase & wrap gifts and send gift cards to our Participants for the past few years!

Here is a letter written by one of these special volunteers:

Dear Lambs Farm,
Thank you for inviting Oak Grove back for another year of working at Lambs Farm.  It was a wonderful experience, and I truly enjoyed it.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give back, especially on a day of service.  It felt good to know that we were helping out.  It was fun working with my friends, and meeting some of the residents at Lambs Farm.  Thank you for the wonderful meal you gave to us, it was delicious.  I’m truly grateful that I had the chance to experience this.  I’d love to come back to Lambs Farm someday and enjoy it with my family.  Thank you for the work you do everyday, and the lives you provide for many people.  Keep up the amazing work!


We have many opportunities for groups to come and make a difference through volunteer projects! Read more about these volunteer opportunities here and check out our list of posted volunteer jobs.  Contact Volunteers Coordinator, Angela Ramert, at 847.990.3864 or asr@lambsfarm.org for more information.

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