Fun & Fit Family Day had a fantastic turnout!

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Advocate CondellLast Saturday was a perfect summer day, and Lambs Farm was packed! So many families came out to enjoy our Fun & Fit Family day, full of  demonstrations, contests, and a free day at the Farmyard, sponsored by Advocate Condell Medical Center.



Zumba Class!The day started off with a fun limbo competition, and those who proved they could go the lowest were declared winner. Later, three lovely Zumba instructors from Centre Club taught an hour-long Zumba class for visitors. Drawn in by the lively salsa music and exuberant dancing, many people of all ages joined in. It looked like it was a seriously good workout, and a lot of fun!

Browsing BoothsTo take a break, guests browsed the information and vendor booths set up on the lawn, learning about easy ways to stay healthy, tasting baked goods from Sweet Tomatoes restaurant, and even learning how to stay green and conserve energy from the ComEd booth run by Mike K., a Lambs Farm participant. Visitors enjoyed fresh made sandwiches and salads at our healthy snack bar, had water balloon fights, and played a few games of volleyball.

A personal trainer stopped by from Centre Club to teach kids stretches and exercises to keep their muscles and bodies in tip-top shape. All the kids were eager to join her on stage and demonstrate their skills at doing push-ups, squats, lunges, and more.

Simon Says!Soon, it was time for a huge Simon Says competition for children. It went on longer than expected because all the kids were so good at playing! It was followed by a grown-up version for parents, and kids got a good laugh out of seeing their moms and dads do silly dance moves like the funky chicken and yell “arrrrrgggh!” like a pirate. Our events coordinator taught curious patrons how to line dance, and then put on some fun music so everyone could have a big dance party!

Thanks so much to Advocate Condell Medical Center for sponsoring this fun event, and thanks for everyone who came out to visit! We hope that everyone has found some new, fun ways to stay fit and healthy!

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