Farmyard is on baby watch!

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Spring is here. The days are longer and warmer, the grass is green and the Lambs Farm Farmyard is on “baby watch.” This year we have several mommies-in-waiting set to deliver in the next week or two.

Three of our sheep are pregnant – Zena (our black sheep),  Bianca and Beronica (our white sheep), and have moved into their “maternity room” for pre- and post-pregnancy where they will care for their baby lambs upon arrival. All three sheep are expected to have twins, with Bianca and Beronica expected to have at least three each due to their previous pregnancies. Bianca and Beronica should have white lambs, which will be photographed during Lamb Days. For more information on these formal portrait sessions, please contact Jonathan’s Portraits at 847.821.1700 or visit the website.

Our goats, Zelda and Spice, are also expecting a few babies relatively soon. They have moved into their birthing suite and are awaiting arrival of their kids. Next door to them are the ducks, Tiger Lily and her mate, Stewart. Tiger Lily has clutched two batches of eggs (approximately 12 to 15 total) that Stewart is helping nest them. They’re each at a corner keeping their ducklings warm. Ducklings may hatch by Easter.

Our Farmyard is now open daily, so you can visit these mommies-to-be, and all of our animal friends, daily 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. For more information on Farmyard prices, click here.

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