Antiques Appraisal Breakfast

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Curious about the worth of an inherited or treasured item in your home?  Come to Lambs Farm on May 21 at 9:30 a.m. to enjoy a delicious breakfast and have an item professionally appraised by licensed appraiser Karl Gates.

Each year Lambs Farm hosts an Antique Appraisal Breakfast for attendees to learn more about Lambs Farm and to have an item professionally appraised.

One 2012 attendee stated, “This was educational and enjoyable. Mr. Gates was a fun speaker and so knowledgeable.”

Licensed appraiser Karl Gates attended both the Art Institute of Chicago and American Academy of Art and has professionally run over 300 appraisal fairs. He also has taught 30 years of antiques/collectibles classes and seminars, was a United States Treasury Department appraiser for three years, and ran Good Bye Good Buys Estate Sales for 30 years.

Each appraisal during the breakfast generally consists of the history behind the item, the age, the value, and possibly the material and the maker.

“Every piece I see has a story beyond its value.  I find people a good way to connect with its past,” said Gates.

Gates’ most notable appraisal find was the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, which you may know of from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.  However, not all items you have treasured could turn out to be valuable because according to Gates, “taste is personal.” Therefore, he not only gives insight into what to look for, but also what to avoid.

Space is limited, so please register as soon as possible.  To reserve a spot call 847-990-3749 or click here.

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