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Magnolia Cafe & Bakery introduces new line of FIT meals!

Avocado on Wheat Toast with Two Eggs over easy

A few years ago, Lambs Farm Dietitian Darlene Holop collaborated with the Magnolia Cafe & Bakery staff to create healthful meals to be offered on a daily basis. FIT Meals were introduced, offered with a side of fresh fruit and iced tea or coffee all for 500 calories or less.

FIT Meals are offered Monday through Friday on a two week rotation (one FIT Meal is offered a day). Customers are able to receive a free punch card so when they purchase nine FIT Meals, their tenth is free! All FIT Meals are $5.99.

The new line up of FIT meals have arrived for spring and boy are they delicious! If you haven’t been to the Magnolia Cafe & Bakery lately, make plans to stop by and try a FIT meal today!


Week 1
Avocado over Wheat Toast and Two Eggs over easy
Heart Healthy Turkey Panini on Wheat
Caprese Chicken Panini
Rainbow Veggie Salad Bowl with Jalapeno Ranch
Corn Meal Crusted Tilapia Salad

Week 2
Italian Roasted Chicken
Avocado Ranch Tuna Melt on Rye
Sweet Baby Spinach Salad with Chicken & Strawberry Poppyseed Dressing
Green Chili Broiled Tilapia withGarbanzo & Lentil Pilaf

Week 3 FIT Meal Favorites
BBQ Chicken Salad
Avocado, Tomato & Chicken Panini
Turkey Burger with Mashed Cauliflower
Oven Chicken Fajitas
Roasted Fish Crispy Slaw Wrap



Check out the Rainbow Veggie Bowl with Jalapeno Dressing video!





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Lambs Express!

All aboard the Lambs Express! The Magnolia Cafe & Bakery staff are excited to announce their new meal delivery program starting today, March 6. Staff who work on site at Lambs Farm will now have the option to order lunch and have it be personally delivered to them by our very own Participants who work at the Magnolia Cafe & Bakery. Staff are able to partake in ordering their meals for delivery Monday through Friday during a set time.

Participants are looking forward to having the opportunity to delivery meals to staff as part of their job. It will keep them busy and provide them with more responsibilities during the work day. It’s a win win for everyone!

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Wellness Center Presents: Let’s Dance!

Staff Member Cherie leads a Zumba class on January 26!

Lambs Farm Participants are gearing up for “Just Dance,” the Wellness Center theme for 2017. Participants love dancing and the plan is to bolster that love by incorporating more dance classes throughout the week. Participants who opt to join a dance class can earn Healthy Lambs exercise credit toward prizes. Dancing is a legitimate form of aerobic and anaerobic exercise if done at a moderate to vigorous intensity. It promotes flexibility, strength and balance while the music also inspires and encourages people to be creative.

The plan is to offer more dance classes for Participants in the morning, after work and throughout the year via our monthly Wellness series. Wellness Manager, Kreig Alm, hopes to bring in some dance troupes performances and instructors to lead Participants in a variety of dancing styles. Dancing is both appropriate and adaptable for all of the Participants, so we are very excited about the year ahead!

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Lamb’s Got Talent!

Sarah bringing out her inner Country!

On December 19, Participants and staff gathered in the gym to watch the Fine Arts Talent Show Class show off their talents. Ian started the show off with a sing and dance number to “Earth.” Sarah brought out the Country in everyone by singing and dancing number to “Jesse James.” Laura put on an adorable skit to “Dumb Dog.” Julie sang “My Guy.” Richard pumped up the crowd to his rendition of “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys and Ruth sang and dance to Mary Poppins “Spoon Full of Sugar” which got everyone singing along.

Participants had a surprise finale, which indeed was a surprise! The lights in the gym turned off and out came the Participants, marching to the beat of the music with glow sticks on their shirts. A choreographed dance to “Light em up” got the crowd energized and everyone enjoyed the performance. Congratulations to our talented Participants for another successful talent show!

Watch a clip of the finale here!

Laura performing “Dumb Dog”

Julie singing “My Guy”

Richard performing “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys


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Yardmax Gives Back to Lambs Farm

dsc_1760Our new friends at Yardmax stopped by yesterday with five new pieces of outdoor power equipment for our Participants and staff on Lambs Farm’s grounds crew. Shad Shafer, Vice President of Yardmax and his crew showed Participants and staff how to use each piece of equipment which will help them in the upcoming months to get their jobs done a whole lot easier and safer. Participants were thrilled of the new donations and enjoyed learning about what each piece of equipment does.

Yardmax generously donated a trackbarrow, log splitter, sweeper, snow blower and wood chipper. Lambs Farm is very grateful for Yardmax’s thoughtfulness. Participants and staff are looking forward to operate the new equipment. Thank you, Yardmax!


Shad from Yardmax demoing the new equipment to Participants and staff

Grounds Crew Participants and Yardmax Staff!

Grounds Crew Participants and Yardmax Staff!



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Special Olympics: Floor Hockey Skills

It’s always an exciting time to watch Lambs Farm athletes excel at the sports they love. They teach others to never give up, always try your best, have good sportsmanship and most importantly, have fun. During the recent Floor Hockey Skills tournament on October 15, some of Lambs Farm athletes were given special honors. Linda S (pictured right) was honored with the opportunity to carry the Special Olympics torch into opening ceremonies. Ruth M (pictured below left) was selected to read the Special Olympics motto: “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt,” which is said before every Special Olympics tournament.

During the Floor Hockey Skills competition, athletes showed off their athletic abilities and took home seven gold medals, five silver medals, three bronze medals and six ribbons. Gold medal winners will advance to the state Floor Hockey Skills tournament on November 12. Way to represent Lambs Farm and congratulations to all of our athletes!


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Participants Debut: The Lion King!

castMonths of hard work paid off for Lambs Farm staff Janine Neumann and Alison Zieroff who co-directed the Participant Theater performance of The Lion King on September 24 & 25. Staff and Participants were treated to a dress rehearsal performance on September 23 and everyone enjoyed the music as they sang along to popular songs such as Hakuna Matata. Performances were held at the Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest.

According to Neumann, this was one of the best performances yet. Elaborate costumes, detailed scenery, talented Participants and wonderful volunteers tied everything together. Congratulations to our cast who shined through with their talents and to our wonderful volunteers and staff who made this all happen!

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures from the Lion King!



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Fall Happenings at Lambs Farm

fallhappeningsCan you believe it’s September? We can’t either! It’s been a fabulous summer at Lambs Farm and as we transition into Fall, please take note of hours changing in some of our businesses and upcoming events going on at and around Lambs Farm.

We will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 5.

Farmyard & Attractions hours are changing as follows:
Monday – Friday | 10am – 4pm (On Monday’s, Farmyard open only, attractions closed)
Saturday – Sunday | 10am – 5pm
The Farmyard will be closing October 30th for the season.

The Snack Shop will be open on Weekends from 11am – 3pm through September 25.

The Visitors Center will be open Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm. Closed on weekends.

The Fall Community Tent Sale is taking place in the Lambs Farm Main Parking lot next Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sept 9, 10 & 11)! Free admission and parking for visitors.

Fall decor will be available for purchase at the Dogwood Garden & Pet Center. Choose from corn stalks, hay, pumpkins, mums and more! Coming mid September.

Lambs Farm Participants will be debuting The Lion King, September 24 & 25 at the Gorton Community Center in Lake Forest. Are all invited to attend this wonderful performance!

The 11th Annual Barn Burner BBQ will be taking place in the Lambs Farm main parking lot October 14 & 15. Teams can register online until September 30th. Family activities will be available on Saturday, October 14 from 10am – 4pm.

Grab your partner and head on downtown as Lambs Farm brings some country charm to the big city at Harvesting the Spirit Downtown on the Farm 2016! Proceeds from Harvesting the Spirit will allow us to continue to provide life-enriching opportunities for the remarkable men and women of Lambs Farm.joanna

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After Hours Farmyard Creature Feature Event!

Our first after hours Creature Feature event at the Farmyard was held last night, Thursday, August 11 from 6-8:30pm. Guests enjoyed an exclusive, personal experience at Lambs Farm Farmyard & Attractions! Guests participated in animal related crafts such as painting with chickens and ducks, painting a horse, photo opportunities with small animals and they were even able to get up on our horse Fargo for a fun experience and picture! The night ended with an evening train ride. We look forward to hosting more after hours events in the future! Thank you to our guests for sharing your evening with us!

View pictures from the event on our Facebook page!

DSC_1206 DSC_1134 DSC_1218


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Special Olympics Sports Banquet 2016

DSC_0730Last night was the annual Karen Buron Sports Banquet to recognize Special Olympic Athletes, Coaches  and Volunteers from the 2015-2016 year.

Throughout the season, athletes of all abilities participate and compete in the sports they love. Whether it be one sport or eight sports, Lambs Farm athletes are able to participate in as many sports as they would like.

Our men and women practice for weeks and sometimes months at a time for their chance at earning a medal but it’s beyond the medal which makes the reward so much better. It’s the hard work and dedication during practices that make their victories the most meaningful. Wellness Specialist and Special Olympics Coach Eric Kirch mentioned, “These guys are always teaching me things. I’ve been at Lambs Farm for over 14 years and the biggest thing they’ve taught me is to never give up.”

An exciting announcement was made that athletes who participate and earn a Gold Medal in Snowshoeing, will now have the chance to go to State, every year! State Snowshoeing is officially on the Special Olympics schedule for Lambs Farm!

The awards ceremony presented each Participant with a certificate based on the number of teams they are a part of. Volunteers were recognized as well and each of them were given a certificate of appreciation (pictured below). At the end, four athletes were recognized to be this year’s recipients of a few special awards:

Most Outstanding Athlete at State: Peter S.

Big Achievement Award: Wayne S.

Karen Buron Sportsmanship Award: Josh J.

Athlete of the Year: Joe P. (pictured above with sisters Rosalie and Pat)

Congratulations to our Athletes for a great year! A special thank you to our Coaches and Volunteers for all of your time and dedication to making our athletes be the best they can be, on and off the courts!

Check out more pictures from the Banquet here.


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